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fets Secures ISO9001 Certification
June 22 2018 0 comment

fets Secures ISO9001 Certification

·        Fets Ltd becomes the first Nigerian mobile money company to secure the prestigious ISO9001 quality standard

·        The standard is based on quality management principles including strong customer focus and continual improvement

·        Mrs Omotade Odunowo, fets CEO: “We have a commitment to excellence in mobile money services.”



Fets Ltd, Nigeria’s leading mobile money transfer company, announced today that it has secured the prestigious ISO (International Standards Organisations) 9001 quality certificate. The certificate is overseen in Nigeria by the Nigerian Standards Council and is issued to companies which, among other requirements need to demonstrate strong customer focus and a commitment to continual improvement.

Commenting on the ISO9001, the first to be awarded to a Nigerian mobile money operator, fets CEO Omotade Odunowo said: “The team at fets has been working since September 2017 to secure this important certificate. It shows that we have a strong commitment to excellence in mobile money services. This ISO9001 is an endorsement of the products and procedures we have implemented over the years.”

The ISO9001 continues a string of ‘firsts’ for fets after introducing in 2017 a mobile app in five of the main languages used in Nigeria: English, Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin and Yoruba; as well as being the first mobile payment company to sponsor Lagos Fashion Week.

Mrs Odunowo commented: “In receiving this certificate we are particularly proud of the fact that the fets mobile money platform was built by Nigerian IT experts. We had an unwavering belief that our programmers can build a world class product, and ISO9001 proves we were right. We are looking forward to continuous improvement in serving our customers and securing our reputation for excellence in mobile money.”

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