Corporate Services

Our Business solutions consist of personalized products and services suitable for agents, merchants and corporates.


fetskollect android terminals consist of a host of agency banking products tailor made for the agent locations

fetsKollect for Merchants

Innovative merchant payment solution designed to mop up cash from merchant outlets and provide customers with instant electronic value.

fetsKollect for Corporates

Our Corporates enjoy access to system tools that aids reconciliation, transaction reporting and payment tracking.

fetsKollect Features


  1. Cash to e-value in wallet
  2. White labelling for 3rd party integration
  3. POS deployment and management
  4. Customer service for issue resolution
  5. Remote update for fetswallet agency banking
  6. Application instant commission settlement to wallet
  7. Availability of territory sales managers to support
  8. Swift transaction processing
  9. Peer to peer
  10. Instant settlement to wallet
  11. Access to live portal for transaction monitoring


fetsPAY is a multi-channel solution with a host of internet banking and funds transfer payment options in a single bucket. The solution allows payment on a Bank to wallet structure. With fetsPay, merchants, agents and corporates can now process funds transfer as a service to their customers as well as receive payments from customers.

fetsPay Features

  1. Instant transfer to & from any bank
  2. Instant transfer to & from other wallets
  3. Direct integration to NIBSS NIP platform
  4. Validation of customer details
  5. Customizable sweeping options to bank

Direct integration to NIBSS

Transfer to POS

Wallet Account Integration